Dear Dogdancers,

we are proud to announce the date of the open german championship 2020.
The competition will be according to the rules of the DDI (
Every dog no matter which breed or mix can compete and can win the title german champion.
All fun and official classes are offered in FS and HTM.
A membership is not necessary.

The ring size is 20 x 25 m with opaque border and entrance via warm-up ring (10 x 12.5 m) and exit to the Jackpotzone. These are in sight.

31.03.2020 Registration for DM Starter Kl. 3 FS & HTM and Helpers (1 start)
02.04.2020 Registration for all DDI members
03.04.2020 Registration for everyone

The entire floor consists of a non-slip and joint-protecting high-pile artificial turf.
Because of this, wear separate indoor shoes throughout the hall.

Overcast the dog in the hall is against 5 € fee.

For your physical well-being provides a bistro, which is directly connected to the hall and from where you can also see the ring.

For our campers there is a fee 12€ per night, a meadow right on the hall where you can place. Please note this when registering.

The area invites you to beautiful walks. It is next to a railway line in river proximity. As usual, linen duty and feces are collected throughout the event. Because of abundant mosquitoes we recommend you to provide mosquito repellent.


Your dogs must be chipped, disease-free and have sufficient liability insurance.


We look forward to seeing you

The organization               &                     judges  team      

Anke Opwis                                             Sonja Scheurer
Marcell Opwis                                          Annette Söll
Sandra Roth
Sensi Lopez